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We're always on the lookout for talented, driven, dedicated human beings to join us and be a part of what we’re creating at 5Values. Our people are what drive the business and who have helped us deliver the outstanding results we’ve achieved so far on our journey

We understand that a career in talent solutions can – at times – be challenging. That’s why we’re striving to provide an environment where our team can thrive, continually improve, enjoy their work and, ultimately be the best they can be! We find the people who make technology a force for good in the world – from protecting oceans to improving the lives of younger adults to creating the finest entertainment across the globe. We stand by our values and would love our new recruits to be with us in our vision and align with what we stand for as a business.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

- Isaac Newton

We agree!

If we work together and build on each other’s ideas, we can see further and achieve more. So our values are based on Isaac’s name:

Fight your biases
The more diverse our teams, the more experiences and points of view we’ll hear. If we want to hear new ideas, we need to listen to everyone. And to do that, we need to fight against our biases.
Put the planet before profit
If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Sure, no single person can fix the planet by themselves. But we can make sure that every decision we make takes us one step closer.
Listen before you talk
We have two ears and one mouth. So, we should listen twice as much as we speak. When we listen, we can find out how to make people happier in their roles, discover new ideas and learn how to improve. Listening and then reflecting is the only way to grow - as people and as a business.
Follow through with ideas
It’s easy to say you’re going to do good things, it’s not so easy to actually do them. So we follow through. We walk the walk. And we never just pay lip service. That includes making sure we always follow these values.
Put people first
People are at the heart of our business. We need to focus on their long-term health. Their life is not just a short-term goal. If someone needs a hand, we offer it. And when things go wrong, we don’t point fingers. We help the person through it.

What a career at 5Values can offer you?

A clear path to success.

Our 5V Velocity careers path provides a defined route so that our team can visualise where their career can go, with clear direction of what they need to do to achieve it.

Continued support.

With a dedicated Learning and Development function, a bespoke training programme, training from industry experts and desk side support - we’ll continually support your growth.


Of course, we offer market-leading salaries and hybrid working along with monthly lunch clubs, incentives, team socials and team building days... 

But they are the industry standard.

We’d rather tell you about the rewards and benefits you might not get anywhere else…

Our 100 Hours scheme.

100 hours paid, outside of your holiday allowance to give back to our communities.

The opportunity to earn more.

Every recruitment company says their commission scheme is the best. Make no mistake, ours is up there too. Our consultants earn up to 41% of their fees.

Our sabbatical service.

Team members will be entitled to a 3-month paid sabbatical - including all commission owed. Every 5 years.

We’ll offset your carbon.

We allocate a fund per team member which is used to provide money to schemes that support reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability, across the world.

Professional development fund.

Team members have access to an annual £1000 professional development fund to use on training and events that better them professionally.

More paid days off.

On top of 100 hours, we also offer 29 days of paid holiday (plus bank hols) - increasing to 35 with your length of service.


We offer a 90-minute lunch break, plus additional breaks throughout and early finishes on a Friday!

Healthcare support.

We support our team with a healthcare cashback - rewards for healthy lifestyle and life insurance cover!

And there's more...

But we'll tell you about those when you come to see us.

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