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100 hours

Simply 100 hours per employee to give back

Why’s it important?

It’s ingrained in our five core values.

To fight against biases, put the planet before profit, listen before we talk, follow through with ideas, and always put people first.

It’s easy to talk the talk and we know to deliver and follow through with our ideas – we need to be able to walk the walk. Our 100 hours campaign ensures that we are allocating the time and resources needed to make a positive impact in our community but also, ensures we are championing our team to be better and to invest in themselves and the causes and initiatives that mean the most to them, not just to the business.

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Luke Perrins
Client Manager

"I've never known anywhere to offer 29 days holidays, Christmas closure, an hour and a half for lunch. The hours are 8:30-5 (4:30 on a Friday!) and it's very much down to individual accountability, so if you get up at 5 to go home, no one judges which is very different from the experience that I've had in other places."

Katie White
Head of Research and Partnerships

"My favorite part about working here is the amount of creative liberty I’m given over my projects which makes a huge difference in the amount of satisfaction I receive from my work, and I genuinely feel that I've levelled up in my role as I've been trusted with the freedom and reign over projects."

Charlotte Hewitt
Business Services Manager

“It feels good to be working at an organization that is set on being better. No one is perfect, and I feel 5V has nailed their vision and is committed to building a business everyone can be proud to work for!”

Karl Saran
Senior Candidate Manager

"The office culture is great - super friendly and everyone knows how to have a laugh. - The job itself is challenging and busy, but very rewarding.”

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